Your Reading for 2020-09-04

For All Dear all,as mentioned last Friday:For our final session with a special guest, please watch the video to be prepared for Friday, 4th of September, 09:00am. Please watch: (download) Think about: „Who can recognize the flag with the green star?”

Links, Recommendations & More

English with Lucy [youtube] German Girl in America [youtube] German native speaker shows us the (differences to the) USA Lost in the Pond [youtube] British-American Couple show and explain the differences Business Spotlight [magazine] Interaktive Übungen (example) Spotlight [magazine]

Homework for 2020-08-28

Antje & Thilo Folder with all pdfs, videos and audio A Mother Robot A.1 Alphabet’s Latest Project Is Birth Control for Mosquitoes [article] A.2 Verily Robot Will Raise 20 Million Sterile Mosquitoes for Release in California [article] B Spyware Giants B.1 Inside NSO, Israel’s billion-dollar Read More

Homework for 2020-08-21

Alex, Lucas & Stefan Folder with all pdfs, videos and audio A The Winter Getaway That Turned the Software World Upside Down [article] (pdf) B How the Internet will (one day) transform government (video) C The Incredible Thing We Do During Conversations [article] & Read More

Off Topic 2020-08-14

During Homework Discussion Hippocratic Oath for AI Password Hacking Polls Zwei-Faktor-Authentisierung Google Authenticator Microsoft Authenticator FIDO2 You’ve Been Misled About What Makes a Good Password The reason why ‚ji32k7au4a83‘ is a common and terrible password

Homework for 2020-08-14

Ben & Christine Folder with all pdf’s and audio A Password Cracking B How your data could power fascism C Hippocratic Oath for Software Engineers? [article] Assignment Before Friday: Pick at least one topic, read or listen, try to understand Write down or remember your Read More

Off Topic 2020-08-07

TV Shows My favorite TV Shows or Movies A-TeamJungle CampPirates of the CarribeanBauretterSuits, JP PerformanceBones, LuciferLove, Death & Robots, Upload Steel Buddies JP Performance Deutsche Bank will wie Netflix werden