Vocabulary 2020-08-28

reface app
(deep fake, replace faces in videos with your own picture)

A Mother Robot
manipulate the DNA
inject a bacteria

lay eggs
hard to see the future outcome
the affect it has on other things

pupate (verpuppen)





a virus can mutate
a mutated virus is not recognized by the antibodies


„nature finds its ways“

chaos theory
butterfly effect

worst way

manipulate the life cycle

Business Spotlight
20 for 2020
5 Main Skills
⋅ language skills
⋅ professional communication excellence
⋅ intercultural competence
⋅ soft skills
⋅ international leadership capability

have the right words handy
right words over quantity
it can lead to a misunderstanding

it is dangerous
it is a great danger

kiss – keep it short and simple

colleague (Kollege)
comrade (Genosse, Kamerad)
acquaintance (Bekannter)

short and easy sentences
therefore I stay silent

it is better to make mistakes than not to speak at all

if you don’t ask, you already have a „No“

gap between:

adopt to them

point out the differences in your cultures
in the kick off meeting
set rules how to communicate

talk around
come to the point
beat around the bush (drumherum reden)

there is no bad in being different

to document in English
write an English documentation

capital vs Kapitel

sort instead of order („ordnen“)

2020-08-28 Module 17: Agenda

Week 17: Module 17 „HDFS Copy, Abschluss und Ausblick“

09:00 – 10:45 (1:45)
Virtual Classroom

  • Welcome & Open Topics from last week
  • Review last week
    • udemy sum up
  • Sum Up and Discussion Homework

10:45- 11:05 (0:20)

11:05 – 12:03 (0:58)
DIGITAL CONTENT (58 Min.) 29.1 – 32.2 (111 – 119)

  • 29.0 Abschnitt 29: HDFS Redaction, IO Compression, distcp, file copy
    • 29.1 HDFS Redaction (5′)
    • 29.2 Compression (10′)
    • 29.3 HDFS Copy and distcp (16′)
  • 30.0 Abschnitt 30: Reports, Charts and Dashboard
    • 30.1 Charts and Dashboard (4′)
  • 31.0 Abschnitt 31: Cloudera 6
    • 31.1 New Features in Cloudera 6 (2′)
    • 31.2 Cloudera 6 System Prepare (10′)
    • 31.3 Cloudera 6 Quick Install (9′)
  • 32.0 Abschnitt 32: Reference
    • 32.1 Presentation used in the course (1′)
    • 32.2 AWS – AMI ID for Reference (1′)

12:03 – 12:15 (0:12)
Break/Prepare Sum Up

12:15: – 12:45 (0:30)
Virtual Classroom

12:45 – 13:00 (0:15)
Open Discussion & Goodbye
– Off Topics
– Homework for next week


Homework for 2020-08-28

Antje & Thilo

Folder with all pdfs, videos and audio


A Mother Robot

A.1 Alphabet’s Latest Project Is Birth Control for Mosquitoes [article]



A.2 Verily Robot Will Raise 20 Million Sterile Mosquitoes for Release in California [article]



B Spyware Giants

B.1 Inside NSO, Israel’s billion-dollar spyware giant [article]



B.2 The man who built a spyware empire says it’s time to come out of the shadows [article]



C Skills for 2020

C.1 Intercultural Competence [pdf]


C.2 20 for 2020 [pdf]



  • Before Friday:
    • Pick at least one topic, read or listen, try to understand
    • Write down or remember your questions, unknown words
    • Think about pros & cons; what is your opinion?
  • On Friday:
    • Present a spoken summary
      • feel free to use tools or methods to spicen up your presentation
    • discuss it with your colleagues

Vocabulary 2020-08-21


in 2001
agile was born
17 IT Leaders
in Snowbird, Utah
skiing vacation

waterfall process

Agile Manifesto
Manifesto for Agile Software Development
4 Values/Guiding Lines
12 principles


still up to date

a lot of ego was in the room
“There’s a powerful odor of testosterone in this room.”

working rules
guidelines for working together

getting better and better
hierarchy level above you

who has the insights into the topic/technique

common sense
common understanding

interim solution
increase your knowledge about the business

too big milestones
milestones are too big

compiling it


public area
private area

four eyes
4-eyes principle



it just works in certain areas

effort (Aufwand)
it is too much effort


a lot of time

they trust you with your other products
halo effect

most important point

last hurdle
last big milestone

I need to get an approval on this purchase order.

lack of knowledge
lack of trust

how these things work

Erreichbarkeit ersetzt Verbindlichkeit?
reachability replaces commitment?


walk the talk
do what you say and say what you do

Booch argues that both Agile and Waterfall are valid approaches, but that different projects call for different methods—and it’s important to weigh factors like the project’s risk and the culture of the team that’s executing. “If I’m building a nuclear-power plant,” he says, “believe me, I don’t want to use incremental and iterative methods because testing failure is never a good thing; it’s kind of irreversible. On the other hand, if I’m building a throwaway app for some new clone of Tinder for goats, whatever it might be, then sure, I’m gonna put a few people in a room and go build this.”

But there’s a particular irony here: Agile is a philosophy, not a set of business practices. The four bullets outline a way of thinking, a framework for prioritizing all the complicated parts of a project. They don’t tell you what software to buy or how to hold your daily team meeting. “Now you can go to a conference, and there’s aisle after aisle of people who are selling you computer tools to run your process. And they say it’s Agile,” says Cunningham. He points to the first value of the Agile Manifesto. “It says, ‘Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.’ How did [Agile] become a process-and-tools business?”

to follow
to give you an orientation


The monetization of Agile aside, the influx of nontechnical users has created some conflict. Martin maintains that the “most annoying aspect right now” is that Agile “has been taken over by the project-management people,” leaving “the technical people and the technical ideas” behind.

react fast to the customers need


depends on


there is always room for improvement
I like it, but …
it could be better here and there …

given continuously feedback

finding the right interface between these two worlds
finding the right language between these two worlds
finding the right products/milestones between these two worlds

stock market

customer data in the cloud

data government framework
authorized distributor

2020-08-21 Module 16: Agenda

Week 16: Module 16 „Kafka and Hadoop Benchmarking“

10:00 – 11:45 (1:45)
Virtual Classroom

  • Welcome & Open Topics from last week
  • Review last week
  • Special Guest Introduction
    • Questions for DB Cloud Strategy
  • Sum Up and Discussion Homework
    • A Winter Getaway Turned the Software World [article]
    • How the Internet will transform government
    • The Incredible Thing We Do During Conversations [article] &

11:45- 12:00 (0:15)

12:00 – 12:50 (0:50)
Virtual Classroom
– Cloud Strategy, Presentation
– Cloud Strategy, Q&A

12:50 – 13:00 (0:10)
Open Discussion & Goodbye
– Off Topics
– Homework for next week

13:00 – 14:00 (1:00)
DIGITAL CONTENT (60 Min.) 26.1 – 28.2 (102 – 110)

  • 26.0 Abschnitt 26: Apache Kafka Install., Config. & Administration
    • 26.1 Kafka Introduction (3′)
    • 26.2 Kafka Installation (7′)
    • 26.3 Kafka components and Architecture (12′)
    • 26.4 Kafka – Flume Integration (2′)
    • 26.5 Kafka Administration (4′)
  • 27.0 Abschnitt 27: Hadoop Benchmarking
    • 27.1 HDFS Terasort, Teragen, Teravalidate (14′)
    • 27.2 TestDFSIO (4′)
  • 28.0 Abschnitt 28: Memory Mgmnt – Container, JVM, Role, Node Memory and Performance Management
    • 28.1 Node Memory management . Calculate heap requirement and optimal heap for roles (9′)
    • 28.2 Namenode Heap Calculation (5′)


Homework for 2020-08-21

Alex, Lucas & Stefan

Folder with all pdfs, videos and audio


A The Winter Getaway That Turned the Software World Upside Down [article]


A computer graphic illustration of a small ski resort against a purple background

https://files.pbao.de/index.php/s/3FBb5aKtafsj73o (pdf)

B How the Internet will (one day) transform government

https://files.pbao.de/index.php/s/d5qTnoG6pNJTwAn (video)

C The Incredible Thing We Do During Conversations [article] &


https://files.pbao.de/index.php/s/R4K7EwbLsRbLgzL (pdf)

https://files.pbao.de/index.php/s/9FceziYjBGrqrxa (video)


  • Before Friday:
    • Pick at least one topic, read or listen, try to understand
    • Write down or remember your questions, unknown words
    • Think about pros & cons; what is your opinion?
  • On Friday:
    • Present a spoken summary
      • feel free to use tools or methods to spicen up your presentation
    • discuss it with your colleagues

Game for the weekend

Cover art

A three player puzzle game.

SenSense is a three player escape-room-inspired puzzle game.

Three player:
Yup. Three players. No more, no less. You cannot play SenSense alone. Don’t have two friends handy? No problem! You don’t need to be in the same physical location, you just need visual and audio contact. Connect via group video chat on another device and you’re good to go.

for iOS

for Android